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Traditional Approaches May Have Limitations...

Conventional wisdom on Wall Street is to stay fully invested regardless of the overall risk in the market. The Wall Street philosophy being that all asset classes performance will eventually return to average returns over the long run cycle.

The reality is that it may take decades for a market to recover severe losses or work off the excesses of the past when major corrections take place. During the past decade, when stock market volatility increased the value of most stocks decreased and portfolios utilizing a buy and hold or fixed allocation strategy experienced significant losses due to lack of flexibility. The table below shows the return required to break even after a portfolio suffers a significant loss:

A portfolio that suffers large and severe losses needs to generate much higher returns to break even.

If investors are able to avoid severe losses, they are more likely to achieve greater long term wealth.
A Portfolio that Suffers
a Loss of:
Return Required to
Break Even:
-10% 11%
-20% 25%
-30% 43%
-40% 67%
-50% 100%
-60% 150%
-70% 233%
-90% 900%

Unlike buy and hold or fixed allocation strategies, our InvestFlex™ Strategies use a flexible approach that dynamically adjusts portfolio allocations and risk to meet current market conditions.

Our proprietary Dynamic Asset Allocation approach is a systematic process that Seeks Opportunity across a broad range of investments while employing Active Risk Management to reduce the risk of losing significant value during volatile market periods.
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