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The future holds any number of financial scenarios... stocks could go on a run, inflation could set in, interest rates could rise, emerging markets could double in size or collapse.

At Cunningham Investment Management, LLC (CIM), our philosophy is that prices are driven by the flow of money. Thus, our InvestFlex™ Strategies use a flexible or dynamic approach that adjusts portfolio allocations based on what is happening in the global markets today.

CIM's proprietary Dynamic Asset Allocation approach is designed to reduce portfolio risk without sacrificing long term performance by seeking opportunity across a broad range of diversified investments while employing active risk management to reduce the potential for significant losses during volatile market periods.

Our InvestFlex™ Strategies do not follow every move in the markets and often "zig" while other strategies and markets "zag" providing our investors with added diversification due to low correlation to traditional market benchmarks and investment products.

"Money, like energy, is not lost but transferred"

By tracking shifts in money flow, we attempt to allocate funds to various asset classes, international regions and market sectors offering the greatest potential reward with the least amount of risk.

As investors and portfolio managers worldwide shift portfolio allocations, investment funds move across various asset classes and market sectors. When money is flowing out of one asset class, it is very likely flowing into another. The consistent inflow of funds often leads to a bull market, while consistent outflow of funds often results in a bear market in specific asset classes. Inconsistent flow of funds often results in sideways or whipsawing market behavior offering limited opportunity for investment gains.
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