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"Dynamic Democracy" via Active Positioning

We Quickly Adapt to Changing Markets
The markets are in a constant state of flux, yet traditional buy and hold strategies are static. CIM replaces this conventional way of investing with a modern, agile approach.

Our dynamic asset allocation strategy is responsive to the ever-changing financial landscape. We nimbly adjust our asset allocation in an attempt to capture the up cycles while avoiding long periods of underperformance and loss.

Dynamic adjustments are important because each of the asset classes react differently to the economic cycle, interest rate environment and other factors that effect asset class investment performance. CIM can refine its risk allocation in response to market conditions in an effort to enhance returns or reduce risk accordingly. CIM is not biased by which asset class to invest in; only that we choose the best risk adjusted choice through a quantitative and democratic process. Each asset class vies for inclusion in the portfolio based on its merit, behavior and overall risk adjusted performance and designed in an effort to ensure tactical shifts are not spurious but more intermediate or long term in nature and consider tax efficiency, turnover, portfolio stability and other factors as well.

The Benefit of Active Positioning
CIM's systematic approach gives you the potential to own the "right" styles, sectors and international regions at the right time. The investment system is designed to keep your portfolio current with changing market trends, giving you the opportunity for more consistent returns and reduced risk - just when you need it most.

With Active Positioning, you also:
• Have the opportunity to own market segments in a range of styles, sectors and international regions
• Enjoy the potential benefits of selective diversification
• Model and investment discipline

Agile Asset Allocation
Our Adaptive Risk Management System is designed to seek the best places to be within the market on an ongoing basis - to give you the potential to improve and protect your returns.

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