Flexible Strategies for
   Changing Market Conditions

InvestFlex™ Strategies

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Strategically Diversify to Actively Manage Risk

Unlike buy and hold or fixed asset allocation strategies, CIM's approach is flexible and dynamically adjusts portfolio risk to meet current market conditions. The approach seeks the most favorable investment opportunities and attempts to reduce risk when the markets become unstable.

CIM uses a proprietary tool called the Risk Adjusted Performance Ratio (RAPR™) to adjust portfolio allocations and risk exposures to changes in the market environment.
As shown in the graph below, CIM's Dynamic Asset Allocation method is flexible and adapts to changing market conditions. If the RAPR signals that there is significant instability in the U.S. stock market, the InvestFlex™ Strategies may lower risk by reducing its allocations to U.S. stocks and increase allocation to traditionally less risky assets such as cash and fixed income. Alternatively, the RAPR may signal more favorable opportunity outside U.S. stocks and increase allocations to asset classes such as international stocks, emerging market stocks, real estate or commodities.

The hypothetical allocations shown above are for illustrative purposes only intended to demonstrate the potential benefit of implementing a dynamic allocation strategy.
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