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Frequently Asked Questions

CIM charges an asset based management fee for its investment management services pursuant to the fee schedule for each InvestFlex™ Strategy selected by the investor or advisor. In addition to management fees, an investment account will incur other transaction costs including brokerage commissions for trades placed within an investment account. CIM does not receive or accept any other forms of compensation including commissions or rebates from investment product providers or financial institutions.

Minimum Investment
The minimum investment ranges from $25,000 to $50,000 depending on the InvestFlex™ Strategy selected by the investor. Custom UMA portfolios may require a higher minimum investment depending on the specific mix of InvestFlex™ Strategies selected by the investor and transaction costs associated with managing the investment account.

CIM does not take legal custody of our client investment accounts or funds. Client accounts are held in the clients name at the brokerage/custodian chosen by each client. CIM manages accounts pursuant to an investment advisory contract that provides CIM with limited power to trade, receive or access duplicate statements, invoice and deduct management fees and make cash distributions directly to our clients upon their request. With the recent scandals on Wall Street, CIM understands the importance investors place on the protection and maintaining control of their investment funds.

Termination Fees
CIM does not charge termination or redemption fees associated with the termination of CIM as investment manager of a client account. The relationship may be terminated upon written notice be either party at any time.

Lock-Up Periods
CIM does not impose a lock-up or minimum investment time period on client accounts.

For more detailed information or questions about our investment management services, please contact your CIM Advisor.
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