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Investment Model Research & Development

CIM investment models were developed in conjunction with their research affiliate Algorithmic Solutions, Inc. (ASI). ASI is an independently owned and operated financial engineering and investment research firm. ASI�s intellectual property exists in the form of computer software, mathematical algorithms, investment model parameters, actual and simulated investment model results, pattern recognition parameters and various financial market databases. ASI leases investment models and money management software to select investment advisory firms. ASI does not manage investment accounts or offer investment advisory services.

White Papers

Benefits of Employing a Dynamic Asset Allocation Strategy vs. Strategic Allocation Strategies
by Howard W. Cunningham and James J. Schmid, Algorithmic Solutions Inc.

Diversification Benefits of Non-Traditional Asset Classes
by Dr. Rahul Bhargava, Ph.D., CFA

Noise vs. Signal
by Nassim Taleb

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