Flexible Strategies for
   Changing Market Conditions

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Dynamic Asset Allocation

CIM's Dynamic Asset Allocation is based on the belief that there are two ways to create wealth over time:

Seek Opportunity:

Seek the most favorable
opportunities amongst a
broad range of diversified

Active Risk Management:

Reduce the risk of losing
significant value during
volatile market periods.
  Creating Wealth by Preserving Capital

A portfolio that suffers large and severe losses needs to generate much higher returns to break even.

If investors are able to avoid severe losses, they are more likely to achieve greater long term wealth.
A Portfolio that Suffers
a Loss of:
Return Required to
Break Even:
-10% 11%
-20% 25%
-30% 43%
-40% 67%
-50% 100%
-60% 150%
-70% 233%
-90% 900%
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